So this is my first blog. not that anybodys gonna look at it.

Lately I've been reading Manga. It's pronounced mahn-ga, for all you people. not mayn-ga! Sorry thats just the way those Japs pronounce everything. They are so confusing. But then again I've never really met anyone from Japan. I dont really have room to judge but I wish they wrote in english, so i could have my manga faster!!!!!!

But I've been reading the Alice in the Country of _____ series. (theres too many books so i left it blank). Otherwise known as Heart no Kuni no Alice, or Clover no kuni,  or Joker no kuni. (theres a lot of 'em) I just read 1st Joker book! Cool Cool. Definitely left me hanging there though. I finally found out what REALLY happened between Alice and her past lover(her teacher... i know. it sounds a bit sketchy but they're like the same age... ish... i think... they look it anyways) in the side story. If you just started out in the Alice series, then you should finish the hearts books first, before you do anything. 

If you're confused then you should know that each of the individual stories start out a little differently than the main Country of Hearts books. Like with many of the books, it explains how Alice Liddel got to the Country of Hearts in the beginning. Basically she was all sad, and Peter White appears, wanting to take her  to wonderworld so she wouldn't be so sad. Of course, she refuses and totally freaks out!(But why wouldn't she? I mean, think about it, some random guy with Bunny ears asks you to follow him. OF COURSE she would freak out!!! But if it were me... I'd see if the bunny ears are real then I'd ask him why he was here, and me, thinking it was cool, would gladly go along with the plan) SO back to what i was saying: Peter White kidnaps her, and takes her to Wonderworld. He forces her to drink the medicine of hearts, which was the only way she could get back to her own world. (and by forcing I mean he drinks the medicine, then kisses her, putting the medicine into her mouth... she freaks but I would've gladly take the kiss). Then Peter abandons her on the roof of the clock tower, where she meets Julius Monrey.

Julius explains how she needs the medicine to fill back up(by interacting with the different people) and how there's 4 different territories: The Heart Castle, The Hatter's Mansion, The Amusement Park, and The Clock Tower. They're all in a power struggle, but they don't really try much, so it seems they're at peace(but not really. They dont really go into it much.). The clock tower is the only neutral area. But these parts, they explained really well in the Book.

I'll explain the Characters in the next blog post.