So this is the characters and their descriptions according to me. 

Alice Liddell

She's a bit winey and uptight. She's suppposed to be like 17, 19, 20, something like that, but she take son everything as a little kid. She constantly worries what her sister will think. She has a deep attachment to her sister, but really needs to back off. Everytime she sees Blood D. she gets all sad about what happened between her and her ex boyfriend. Although she doesn't show it, you can imply that she's attracted to all of the guys in there, but refuses to pick one. She's really nice and wants to help out wherever she goes.

Peter White

He looks nerdy. He has rabbit ears and can turn into a bunny. He's the prime minister at the Heart Castle. He's usually antisocial and very violent but when he meets Alice, his hard outershell dissapears and is replaced by a lovestruck boy who can't help but be super clingy. He used to watch Alice without her knowing, and knows about her memories.He's actually pretty cute and if Alice got past the clingy part, they'd probably get along well.

I'll post some more later ;)